• Why “Safer” Buckets?

    “Bucket planning” for retirement has been around since the early 1980s and is used by a third of all financial professionals, according to research by the Financial Planning Association. Many plans, however, utilize risky assets such as non-traded REITs as the center piece of the strategy.

    The SaferBuckets™ system, instead, utilizes world class insurance and investment products producing precision income streams with less risk. The objective is sustainable income that can be built to increase over time. For retirees feeling overwhelmed by the many decisions they face as they enter retirement, a simplified bucket strategy may help them “divide and conquer” - by shrinking a large, stress-inducing problem into smaller, more manageable pieces.


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    Insure Your Income

    Life was never meant to be about markets, and retirements should never be about Wall Street. Income is the foundation of retirement, and no structure can stand without a foundation. You’ll need income sufficient to your needs forever—why not insure it? If Wall Street is your source of monthly checks, you’ll always worry—and with good reason. Instead, take the High IQ approach: Discover the financial freedom of insuring your income—at up to 20% to 40% savings over bond funds and REITs. Stop worrying, start living. Call Today.

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    Insure Your Outcomes

     Life is what happens when you’re making other plans. Many plans and dreams have been torpedoed by the powerful forces of Black Swan markets, nagging fees, and taxes, taxes, taxes. When you know your important outcomes are secure no matter what happens to your investments, both you and your loved ones can breathe easier. IQ Wealth works only with top rated carriers with more than 100 years of financial success behind them. Learn the low cost way to insure your life and to take on the costs of long term care.

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    Invest For Success: Meet Steve

    Once you’ve insured your income and insured your outcomes, your next allocation is to your long term equity growth strategy, based on your risk tolerance and time horizon. At IQ Wealth, you can expect one-to-one skilled guidance, and a nationally recognized third party investment management team, recently named to the Forbes Top 50. Steve is a Certified Income Specialist™ , President of IQ Wealth Management, and Manager of IQ Wealth Advisory, LLC, a registered investment advisor. Custodian: Fidelity Institutional..

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